Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saudi Hindsight

An article in The Observer today reports that Saudi Arabia officially warned the UK of an "imminent terror attack" several weeks before the July 7th bombings. Of course, as you dig deeper into the article, you learn that the information they had was only of "increased chatter" - the popular euphemism used to refer to intercepted phone conversations. The information provided by the Saudi's was neither specific in timeframe (other than "imminent") nor specific in location (other than "the UK".) Basically, their information was about as beneficial as Jean Dixon's prediction of the Kennedy assassination. It makes for great press after the fact, but virtually useless at the time.

According to a Saudi official, "It was clear to us that there was a terror group planning an attack in the UK." Thanks. I think we already knew that much. Blair had been saying it for 3 years.

This same official concludes, "It is our conclusion that either these were linked or that a completely different terror network is still at large in Britain." Thanks for clearing that up for us. So you've concluded it was either the same group or a different group. I don't know what we'd do without you guys.


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