Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Muslim Groups Whine About Their Image

Reacting to the tougher anti-terror measures implemented in Great Britain, 38 Muslim groups complained that the new rules demonize legitimate Islamic beliefs. (Hindustan Times: Don't demonise our religion, Muslim groups tell Blair). The joint statement claimed, "We fear that recent events are being exploited by some sections in society to demonise legitimate Islamic values and beliefs..."

For the past four years, both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have gone out of their way not to criticize Islam for the actions of radical elements intent on committing acts of terror. We have been told countless times by both the President and the Prime Minister that "Islam is a peaceful religion." While both leaders have stressed their support of mainstream Islamic beliefs and urged the people not to associate all Muslims with the terrorist, the Muslim leadership has been conspicuously silent.

If Muslims do not want to be demonized for the actions of the terrorists, then they need to voice their opposition to those actions. They need to oust clerics that openly preach support for these terrorist organizations. They need to take a stand against the clerics that preach hatred under cover of "religious freedom". They need to stop funding alleged charities that are nothing more than fronts for terrorist organizations. They need to take a stand against a society that not only condones but encourages their children to become suicide bombers.

Until the Muslim community takes a stand against these terrorists, their protests will continue to fall on deaf ears. The actions of the Muslim community over the last four years no longer afford them the benefit of the doubt. It is not the US or the UK that is demonizing Islamic beliefs. Rather, the actions of those that follow Islam are demonizing them. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and they returned that with more funding to the terrorist groups, more hate speech from the clerics, and by their very silence they showed support for those committing acts of terror.

Simply put, if you do not want Islam to be demonized, then show us by your actions that mainstream Muslims oppose the actions of the terrorists. Until then, don't waste my time with your hollow protests.


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