Sunday, August 14, 2005

Deja-Vous All Over Again

With all due apologies to Yogi Berra, the situation in Iran certainly does look and sound like "deja-vous all aver again". The same useless rhetoric we dealt with in Iraq is now heating up with Iran. It's the same pattern we've seen before. The latest escalation in the war of words came from Iran today, with Hamid Reza Asefi warning that "Bush should know that our capabilities are much greater than those of the United States." (IranMania: Iran warns US, Europe on nuclear programme).

The additional saber rattling comes on the heels of an Israeli interview with the President where he stated that all options (including a military option) remain on the table. Naturally, our "friends" in Germany had to weigh in on that with Gerhard Schroeder complaining, "Let's leave military options aside, we have already seen that they don't amount to anything."

It's the same tired refrain from the extreme left in Europe. The sad fact is, without the military option there are no grounds for negotiations. Without the threat of force in Iran, there is no incentive at all for Iran to abandon their nuclear program. Neither appeasement nor isolationism have ever managed to prevent war. Rather, all they serve to do is ensure the enemy has more time to prepare for war.

If Iran persists in pursuing nuclear capability, then a military strike is inevitable. Whether that is done with or without Germany's consent is pretty much irrelevant. The only question is how long we're going to allow for Iran to prepare for those strikes. We let Iraq prepare for 12-years. Let's not make that mistake with Iran.


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