Saturday, August 13, 2005

Possible Chemical Plant Found

The Defense Department is reporting that US forces have found what appears to be a chemical production facility used by the insurgents in Iraq. (AFIS: Iraq Raid Yields Possible Chemical Production Facility). Analysis of the site and the chemicals found is still underway.

This article pretty much speaks for itself. There can be no doubt that the insurgents - and the terrorist organizations that train, support, and finance them - will use chemical or biological weapons given the opportunity. At present, there's no evidence that chemicals have been used against coalition troops. This implies that the raid occurred in time to prevent deadly attacks against our troops or against the Iraqi people.

Questions remain as to the source of the chemicals being produced and the age of the facility. More than 1500 gallons of chemicals were found in the August 9th raid. Coalition intelligence experts are still researching which terrorist or insurgent groups were responsible for the plant. Where that trail leads will likely result in additional action. It's certain that we cannot afford to allow chemical weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists capable of striking US interests. The concern here is that Task Force Freedom only uncovered the tip of the iceberg. If insurgents in Iraq have this capability, can there be any doubt that terrorists in protected camps in Pakistan have them also?


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Alan Fraser said...

This is create the need and then fill it logic. There were no terrorists in Iraq but now there are. There were no chemical weapons in Iraq but now there are. This was entirely in response to the US invasion. If, in fact, terrorists are making chemical weapons in Pakistan, why is the US not doing something about it rather than screwing around in Iraq with no discernible goal and no discernible agenda.