Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bush Meets Military Moms

The President met yesterday with 19 families that lost sons or daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan, but received a reaction and show of support that is far different from what is coming out of Crawford. (Houston Chronicle: Bush happy to meet this military mom).

Tammy Pruett, who has 5 sons serving in Iraq, said, "I know if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they think is right for our country, and I guess you couldn't ask for a better way of life than giving it for something that you believe in." That view is much more characteristic of families with sons and daughters serving our nation overseas.

Army National Guard Specialist Matt Salisbury said it best, "How can I possibly describe the return of hope and dignity that I saw in these people's eyes?It is worth the sacrifice of leaving families, jobs and a safe life." Living in a neighborhood that has 4 service stars being proudly displayed in windows, I can personally attest to this being the prevalent view.

Certainly, families worry for loved ones overseas, and they grieve when someone is killed in service to our country. But the belief in what we are accomplishing in Iraq and Afghanistan runs very high in these families, as does their unwavering support for our troops deployed on foreign soil. This is a side of the story that must be heard. President Nixon once referred to the "Silent Majority." That phrase could not be more fitting when it comes to national support for our military, their families, and their mission.


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Alan Fraser said...

They're not silent and they're not a majority but the appelation is otherwise 100% accurate.