Wednesday, August 17, 2005

BTK Killer - Break Out "Old Sparky"

The self-proclaimed BTK killer is due to be sentenced in Kansas for committing 10 murders in grisly fashion. (New York Times: Prosecution Lays Out Case for Tough Sentencing of B.T.K. Killer in Gory Detail). Unfortunately, Kansas does not have a death penalty.

Reading the gruesome details regarding his murder of 11-year old Josie Otero, I'm hard-pressed to find any justification for keeping this scum alive another day. If ever there was someone deserving of death it is Dennis L. Rader.

Under Kansas law, he's sure to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Without the ability to sentence him to death, the best possible outcome in this case is for the guards to release the scum into the general population and walk away. If there's any justice at all, "the rest of his life" will be an extremely short sentence.


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