Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Australian Muslims Voice Terror Opposition

It appear that Australian Muslim clerics get it. They, at least, understand that Islamic extremists are a threat to everyone, themselves included. A group of 14 moderate Muslim clerics in Australia have publicly voiced their opposition to the actions of the extremists and have denounced the actions of the radical terror organizations. (Khaleez Times: Australian Muslims pledge action against terrorism).

This is a significant first step, and one that must be repeated world-wide. As seen in Bangladesh, the actions of the extremists are indeed a threat even to the moderate Muslim world. What it will take to end this wave of extremism is for the overwhelming majority of Muslims that oppose terrorism to rise-up against the extremists. For the moment, the majority of Muslims are silent on the issue, and this is a case where silence implies support.

Ameer Ali, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, on speaking about Osama bin Laden said, “No one supports him. It goes without saying that the majority of the community do not see him as a Muslim leader. He is not in the main group, his activities are not welcome, there’s no reservation in that.” That's a message that must be spoken louder and needs to be driven home to the Muslim youth.

This comes on the heels of an announcement by an influential Islamic seminary in Lucknow, India that limits the situations in which Muslim clerics should issue an edict or fatwa. That announcement states that a fatwa should not be issued on political issues or on matters that do not directly concern Islamic law.

These signs are encouraging. They suggest, at least, that the terrorists are damaging themselves in the eyes of their own communities. Ttargetinging of other Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are serving to alienate the extremist groups from the people that at one time supported them. That, after all, is where this war will be won. That the Muslim people are coming to realize that these terror groups are their enemies as well as ours is a major step forward in winning the war against these extremists.


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Alan Fraser said...

Almost in concert with the voice of moderation in Australia, Pat Robertson said today that the U.S. should go and kill Chavez of Venezuela. I'm guessing that American church leaders will be expressing their disappointment later today regarding this extremist's mad dog politicking.