Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gaza Pullout - Abbas Wants More

It didn't take long for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmud Abbas to demand more concessions from Israel following the Israeli departure from Gaza. (NewsAsia: Gaza pullout far from enough for peace: Abbas). Neither Abbas nor the radical terrorist group Hamas promise any peace agreements as a result of the Gaza withdrawal. Abbas wants Israel to withdraw from all occupied territories including the West Bank - something Sharon asserts will not happen - and Hamas wants nothing less than the total elimination of Israel.

The "land for peace" concept is a very dangerous path for Israel to tread. Agreeing to withdraw from Gaza is a devastating move on Israel's part and will likely lead to increased violence on the part of Hamas. All Israel succeeded in doing is showing the terrorists that they can be bullied out of their homes.

Demands for additional Israeli concessions will now increase. Hamas has now been rewarded for the repeated rocket attacks and has learned that this tactic is successful in driving Israel out of territories it occupies. The policy Israel once had of not negotiating with terrorists has now been shattered. I fear Israel will pay a dear price for this mistake.


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Alan Fraser said...

Regarding being 'bullied out of their homes,' I hate to be a stickler for detail but, as you'll recall, Israel did the same thing when it grabbed the land in the first place. I don't side with one over the other; I'm just tired of the penny ante attacks on each other. An RPG here, a helicopter attack there, blah, blah. Either wipe each other out or don't. Palestine and Israel act like kids shooting spitballs at each other.