Sunday, January 21, 2007

Muslims Object to Villain Tag on "24"

It appears that the current season of '24', the popular action drama now in its 7th season, is once again upsetting Muslims. Without going into too much detail on the plot, this season's villains are radical Islamic terrorists waging war inside the US. This has Muslim organizations across the nation screaming "foul". CNN: Muslim's Protest '24'.

I find it somewhat ironic that the Muslim community is upset with the way they are portrayed on a fictional TV show, yet they seem to have no objections to the actions of their own number in real life. The reality is, there is far less anti-Muslim sentiment in the US today than you might reasonably expect given the actions of Muslim radicals world-wide.

The silence of the Muslim community both here and abroad is deafening when a radical Islamic group commits a homicide bombing - killing innocent women and children in the process - or when they destroy a church or mosque. Well, by their very silence they are condoning that activity. If the Muslim community wants to change their image, then the Muslim community needs to become vocal in their opposition of the antics that are tarnishing that image across the world.

'24' is simply depicting very viable terror scenarios as part of their series. Like it or not, the primary terrorist threat today comes from radical Islam. If the moderate element within the Muslim community wishes to divorce themselves from the actions of their radical counterparts, they are more than welcome to do so. Join us in the fight against these extreme terror groups. Remaining silent, however, only makes you part of the problem.