Thursday, January 26, 2006

Palestinians Choose Terrorist Government

Dealing a death blow to the peace process, the Palestinian people overwhelmingly elected the terrorist group Hamas to leadership positions in yesterday's elections. President Bush, in a televised news conference, today said that Hamas is "a party with which we will not deal." (Chicago Tribune: Bush: U.S. won't deal with Hamas).

These elections effectively eliminate any credibility the Palestinian Authority once had in establishing a Palestinian state adjacent to Israel. As long as Hamas is in power, there is simply no chance of there being peace in that region. The primary tenet of Hamas' philosophy is the destruction of Israel.

Clearly, President Bush is disturbed by these developments and has stated that the US cannot deal with Hamas. The EU is similarly disturbed, although their ties to Israel are not as tight as the US'. What needs to happen, however, is for both the US and the EU to formally withdraw recognition of the PA. As long as the Palestinian people choose to embrace a terrorist entity, they cannot be entitled to international recognition.

The mere fact that terrorists can be elected in the first place is a sad commentary on the attitudes and philosophy of the Palestinian people. Significant progress was being made in pursuit of a lasting peace with Israel. Major concessions had been made by Israel in the Gaza, with similar hope for the West Bank. Instead, the Palestinian people have chosen to back a militant approach, preferring to put their fate in the hands of terrorists. One can only conclude that the Palestinian people do not want peace.

This development can only put Israel on alert. As long as Hamas is in charge, Israel can no longer afford to be restrained in their dealings with terror attacks by the terrorist entity. Now that Hamas represents the government of the Palestinian people, the only acceptable response from Israel would be a full military assault. Occupation of all territories held by Hamas are now justified.

The only question I have at this point is addressed to the Palestinian people: What the hell were you thinking?


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Kannafoot said...

If there can be any doubt as to how ill-conceived this election was for the Palestinian people, one need only see this headline:
Iran hails Hamas election victory.

Iran's foreign minister said, ""Iran congratulates the great Palestinian people, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), all Palestinian combatants on this occasion." Nothing like having one terrorist state praise another.