Monday, January 09, 2006

Belafonte Gives Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Harry Belafonte, traveling with his misguided posse of Hollywood misfits, met with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez yesterday. During Chavez's televised speech on Sunday, Belafonte trashed most aspects of American life. Said the aging singer, "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your [Chavez's] revolution." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Belafonte calls Bush 'greatest terrorist').

Millions support Chavez's socialist revolution? It would be interesting to see Belafonte name two outside of the idiots traveling with him. Unfortunately, Belafonte and his ilk have easy access to the media and they enjoy playing to the cameras. Harry Belafonte and Pat Robertson represent both sides of the same coin - a coin that should have been recycled or discarded a decade ago.

What part of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" does Belafonte not understand? It was precisely this type of unAmerican rhetoric that prompted the wave of McCarthyism in the 1950s. People like Belafonte, people that hate everything this country stands for, are a cancer in our society. They don't represent the values of free speech, they represent irresponsible speech. They represent a fringe element that exploit the freedoms in a nation they apparently loath, and given their easy access to the microphone, they provide ammunition to repressive dictators like Chavez who put the Belafontes and Fondas of the world out on display like last year's trophies.

Call it free speech if you want, but I don't buy it. People like Belafonte are enemies to the US. They do not deserve to be traveling overseas on an American passport. In fact, I view it as hypocritical of them to claim to be US citizens while constantly trashing everything this country stands for. Of course, I also find it extremely hypocritical of most of Hollywood everytime one of these prima donnas claims to be a socialist while raking in millions for their latest movie. People like Belafonte sicken me. Where's Joe when you really need him?



Alan Fraser said...

I have no idea of support for Chavez but there's certainly large-scale agreement among Americans that Bush is just another terrorist. Don't look now but the number of people you're calling 'the enemy' includes most of the world and the number is rising.

Kannafoot said...

By the left's definition of Bush as a terrorist, so too would be FDR, Truman, and Clinton. As to the list of enemies, it would be far easier to count our friend. Keep in mind in Chavez's case that the enemy label came from him. He's the one saber rattling, not us.

Alan Fraser said...

The ones you have quoted acted defensively. Bush and Reagan (Granada, Panama, Iraq) have the lock on unjustified invasions of sovereign nations. Since I'm the representative leftist pinko, I'll go on to say that I consider Bush a vastly greater threat to American freedom than bin Laden could ever possibly hope for.

P.S. I left out bombing Libya and Afghanistan because I do consider those to have been a defensive moves. There was nothing defensive about Iraq; the entire scenario was manufactured.

Bill Gnade said...

I am glad you posted this. Belafonte is indeed acting every bit the traitor.

During the November conference on free trade in Central and South America, it was interesting to see that protestors carried posters/placards denouncing President Bush as dictatorial and Hitlerian. In a true irony, Chavez held his own rally. Did you see it? Chavez began jumping up and down on the dais like a POGO, and the huge crowd began to imitate him, bouncing about as if in a huge mosh pit. This sort of rallying is far more Hitlerian than anything Bush has ever done. Has anyone ever seen Bush work a single crowd, other than his enemies, into anything approaching a frenzy? Bush is anything but a dictator, a fascist, or - dare I say? - a terrorist. And it is nearly impossible, anyway, for any American president to earn such monikers, considering the vast checks and balances inherent in our constitutional system and the relative brevity of a President's time in office.

Anyway, having Mr. Belafonte laud Mr. Chavez is an intellectual embarrassment, being so much naiveté (feigned, no doubt).

Mr. Fraser proves his ignorance by suggesting that the Iraq War was manufactured, in toto. Osama bin Laden made Iraq the central reason for fighting the US in his 1998 fatwa, which led directly to 9/11. President Clinton signed into law and eloquently defended his support of the Iraq Liberation Act, which was signed in 1998 and devoted the US to removing the Hussein regime from power (and the act did permit military deployment, under certain conditions).

Sad that Mr. Fraser should not know this. (For more commentary, Mr. Fraser, try this article).

Peace to you,


Alan Fraser said...

So the question is whether Chavez or Bush is more Hitlerian? Classic!

Bill Gnade said...

Hitting and running, Mr. Fraser? That's classic. Feigning obtuseness; pretending not to understand my point? That, too, is classic.

Run away, run away! One wonders what wonders you might toss in my general direction.

Sadly, I guess I won't ever find out.