Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mexico Aids Illegal Border Crossings

Using data obtained from the Mexican government, Mexico's National Human Rights Commission will issue detailed maps showing potential illegal immigrants the safest routes to take when crossing the border into Arizona. (LA Times: Maps Show Illegal Migrants Best Routes).

This latest move is one more example of Mexico's blatant disregard for border security. It also underscores our own need to close and secure our southern border by whatever means necessary. A bill was approved in the House of Representatives that would extend a fence some 700 miles across the border, and would also make illegal immigration a felony. That bill is scheduled to move to the Senate where it will likely meet some opposition.

The Mexican government opposes stronger US enforcement of the border, citing the impact on the many Mexicans that cross illegally into this country for work. What I don't understand is why Mexico should have any say whatsoever in how we secure our border.

There is one potential good to come from these maps. They will also show our own border patrol where illegals are most likely to come across. There is no excuse at this point not to heavily patrol those crossing points, at least until they can be fortified.

What Mexico must be made to understand is that their citizens have absolutely no right to illegally cross into the US. The assistance they are providing for these illegal migrants must be addressed by our own government. Pressure must be applied to Mexico to secure their side of the border. We've given Fox a free ride for too long. The Mexican border is wide open, allowing anyone from any nation to cross into the US without our knowledge. With the technology available to us, this is inexcusable. The border can be secured and it must be secured. The status quo is simply unacceptable.


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Alan Fraser said...

"A Day Without Mexicans" is a movie that is worth watching for anyone who thinks the solution is a gunfight on the Rio Grande.