Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Iran Moves Closer to Military Strike

Iran notified the IAEA that they were resuming uranium enrichment research, pushing the west and Israel significantly closer to a military strike against the rogue nation. (AlJazeera: Iran to resume nuclear fuel research). When asked how far Israel would go to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear technology, Sharon responded, "About 2000 miles."

The official response from ElBaradei was that the IAEA, "recalls the importance placed by the IAEA Board that Iran maintains its suspension of all enrichment-related activity as a key confidence building measure". Analysts believe Iran's announcement is the death knell of negotiations involving Germany, France, and Russia to head off the crisis.

Mohammad Saidi, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy agency stated, "In a letter, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has been informed that Iran will start research on the technology of nuclear fuel in a few days, with the cooperation and coordination of the agency. We think our experts have undergone lots of losses during this period (of suspension). Many of our researchers have lost their jobs." Given the increased likelihood of military strikes, the loss of jobs should now be the least of their researchers' worries.

Earlier last month, Sharon had implied that Israel could not afford to wait much beyond March before dealing with the issue of Iranian nuclear research. Given my view that it will be the US, not Israel, that strikes Iran, it would seem that time is running out for any type of diplomatic solution. One way or another, Iran will not be allowed to enrich uranium for any purpose. Whether that is enforced diplomatically or militarily is now up to Iran. So far, it would appear that they've chosen to have it enforced militarily.


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