Friday, January 20, 2006

Alleged bin Laden Tape Surfaces

The world's most hated terrorist was allegedly heard from yesterday in an audio tape broadcast by al Jazeera. If authentic, it would be the first time anyone has heard from the displaced head of al Qaeda in over thirteen months. The rhetoric remains the same, threatening more attacks on the US, telling us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and this time even having the audacity to offer a truce. (Washington Post: Bin Laden: Attacks on U.S. Being Prepared).

Let's talk about the truce offer for a moment. For openers, bin Laden is in no position to make such a ridiculous offer. Al Qaeda is being systematically destroyed. The majority of his leadership is either dead or captured. Their training camps in Afghanistan have been destroyed. Funding to the organization from around the world continues to be disrupted. Certainly a truce would be in al Qaeda's best interests but it's simply not going to happen.

The only acceptable proposal is the complete and unconditional surrender of al Qaeda. That includes the surrender of bin Laden, Zarqawi, Zawahiri, and all of al Qaeda's top deputies to face immediate trial before a military tribunal. It includes bin Laden's revelation of all remaining al Qaeda training camps, storage facilities, and safe houses. It includes a disclosure of all al Qaeada support organizations world-wide.

The US and allies would not accept a truce with Hitler. We would not accept a truce with Emperor Hirohito. We most certainly will not accept a truce with Osama bin Laden. Scott McClellan, speaking for the President, said it best, "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business."

That should effectively put this truce nonsense to rest. Europe laughed at a similar offer last year, and the concept is even more laughable when presented to us. There can be no truce so long as a single al Qaeda terror cell remains anywhere in the world.


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