Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Zimbabwe May Expel US Ambassador

The government of Zimbabwe may expel US ambassador Christopher Dell for making public statements critical of that government. (Washington Post: Zimbabwe Threatens To Expel U.S. Envoy). Dell accurately portrayed the Zimbabwean government as being corrupt and accused President Mugabe of “gross mismanagement.”

The US State Department has not received any official word or complaint from Zimbabwe, however a spokesman did defend Dell’s comments by saying, “his comments very fairly and accurately reflect the policy of the United States.”

The economic situation in Zimbabwe is growing desperate, however Mugabe’s mismanagement of economic affairs since coming to power in 1980 continue to worsen the plight of most citizens. A racist policy of land grabs against white land owners has completely disrupted economic development and displaced over a million people.

The US and the UN offered aid to Zimbabwe, however both efforts were rebuked by Mugabe. While the people of Zimbabwe are desperate for assistance, the government of Zimbabwe is not interested in accepting any assistance from the UN or the US. The expulsion of Dell will do nothing to help the plight of the average Zimbabwean.

Harsh though it may seem, the best course of action may well be to withdraw Dell and allow Zimbabwe to flounder on its own. Given time, Mugabe’s government will collapse under its own weight; something that would be of significant benefit to everyone in that region. Perhaps whatever government that replaces Mugabe’s reign of corruption will be open to outside assistance. Until then, it’s best to leave Zimbabwe to flounder on its own. There’s not much that is salvageable in his government.


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