Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CIA "Black Sites" Disclosed

According to US and foreign officials, the CIA has been holding top level al Qaeda operatives in secret detention facilities around the world. These detention facilities, referred to as "black sites", are only known to a handful of people and operate outside the scope of US judicial system rules and regulations. (Washington Post: CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons).

Congress recently overwhelmingly passed regulations that further define how prisoners of war are treated while in US custody. Both Vice President Cheney and CIA director Porter Goss have asked Congress to exempt the CIA from those regulations. Obviously, such an exemption will rankle the various human rights watchdog agencies that seemingly scream "prisoner abuse" if lunch is served without a linen napkin. Yet, such an exemption is absolutely necessary if we are going to successfully wage war against terrorists who consider beheadings to be an accepted form of negotiation.

Make no mistake about the intentions of those held at these CIA black sites. These are people that will do anything in their power to kill as many Americans as possible. As we have seen in Iraq and in the 9/11 terror attacks, these terrorists do not seek military targets. Rather, their targets are those that will have the greatest shock value. The more women and children killed in the attack, the better it is for the terrorists. That is the type scum being held by the CIA in these black sites.

Before there is any outrage over the existence of these sites, let me express outrage that their very existence was ever revealed, for in so doing we have compromised the ability of the CIA to conduct very necessary interrogations for our national security. Terrorists do not acknowledge US law. They do not acknowledge the US judicial system. The US constitution is a document of derision to them, not a standard of conduct. We are fighting people that wish to destroy our society and will take any steps necessary to accomplish just that. They are not deserving of any protections under the US constitution. Whatever means are required by the CIA to extract information from them is more than justified.

For covert activities to succeed, they must remain precisely that: covert. It's most disturbing that anyone with knowledge of these black sites would even think to release that information. Let the CIA do its job, and right now that job is extracting as much information as possible from the terrorists in their possession and quietly discarding the spent husk afterwards. I don't really care how they get information from the terrorists and I don't really care what happens to the terrorists afterwards. What I do care about is identifying and eradicating the scum currently targeting the US, and to do that the CIA must be able to operate covertly. Let them do their jobs.


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