Monday, October 31, 2005

Impotent Resolution Sent to Security Council

Seeking to gain unanimous support for a resolution condemning Syria for the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, the US, Britain, and France agreed to delete the threat of economic sanctions. The new resolution only threatens to refer Syria to the council for further consideration if they don't comply. (China View: UN draft resolution on Syria revised to get unanimous support).

What it boils down to is that the UN Security Council will consider a completely worthless resolution that has no teeth and offers only the hollow threat of drafting another worthless resolution if this one doesn't have them shaking. This is the same pattern we have seen continuously from that worthless organization.

Historically, UN resolutions do little more than constitute an international finger wag. The overwhelming majority of resolutions go unenforced and are summarily ignored by the offenders. No wonder so many nations were shocked when we actually enforced UN Resolution 1441 against Iraq. Had they known we would actually enforce the clause that threatened serious consequences, there's little doubt that the Chapter 7 clause would never have made it into the final draft.

So the pattern continues. Syria will be threatened with the diplomatic equivalent of a time out, but nothing of consequence will ever come of it. The UN will once again turn a blind eye to a nation that openly sponsors terrorism, conducts assassinations against other heads of state, and provides safe harbor for insurgents disrupting the peace process in Iraq. Once again, the UN has proven to be worthless. Two months ago I questioned why we spend a dime on UN dues when they are clearly a waste of money. That question is still valid today.


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Alan Fraser said...

I disagree with your general position on the U.N. but certainly agree that issuing sanctions is destructive insofar as they're universally ignored and they make the organization look ridiculous when, in fact, UNICEF alone is probably sufficient reason to justify its existence.

But I'm thinking you need a podcast, bro'. It would mean writing your blog entry offline but that's not hard. Recording is not difficult either. You don't need an SM-58 to give a speech and the mike is less than $100 if you decide to get one anyway. All you need is some recording software to add a touch of reverb and make yourself sound sufficiently like a deity and you're ready to rip. Then the question comes whether you're willing to pony up ten to twenty bucks a month for server space to get the word out.

Just something to think about but one thing I can tell you absolutely for certain: the iPod / podcast audience is massive. Of course it is - That audience gets practically everything for free!