Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hillary Opposes Freedom Center

Senator Hillary Clinton (D - NY) voiced her opposition to the proposed Freedom Center at Ground Zero in New York City, citing fears that the museum would detract for the solemnity of the site. (New York Times: Clinton Says She Opposes Freedom Center). I find myself in agreement with the Senator on this one. In fact, I find many of the contents proposed for the museum to be highly offensive.

Rather than serving to commemorate the site where thousands died in a terror attack, and where police, fire and rescue workers from all over the nation brought out the best in all of us, the proposed Freedom Center would harbor exhibits that focus on atrocities and struggles in foreign lands. Such an exhibit does not belong at Ground Zero. In fact, that type of shrine to revisionist history doesn't belong anyplace.

There really is only one way to truly do justice to the former site of the World Trade Center. The best tribute we could do for all those that died in the attacks and for all those that risked their lives in the rescue attempt would be to build the world's largest skyscraper on that site. That is the only way to send the best signal to our enemies that our way of life will not be defeated. Every American that works in that tower will send a loud message every day to our enemies.

There have been a number of proposals for monuments and displays at Ground Zero. I oppose all of them. Don't turn that site into a mausoleum for Americans to lament the dead and for our enemies to visit and celebrate. Rather, return that site to what it was - a monument that breathes the essence of American life. Make it functional, and make it huge. Nothing less than the largest skyscraper ever built would be acceptable.


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