Thursday, September 15, 2005

Clueless CA Court Bans Pledge

The battle by a single atheist to trash our Pledge of Allegiance gained momentum once again in the ultra-liberal courts of California. A federal judge cited a ruling by the 9th circuit court of appeals - the most liberal court in the nation - and determined that the Pledge of Allegiance violates the US constitution. (LA Times: Judge Revives Battle Over Pledge.)

This ruling will certainly make its way back to the US Supreme Court. Fortunately, it now appears that the court will have a solid conservative - and strict constitutionalist - as Chief Justice, and another conservative to replace O'Conner. Of course, along the way it will most likely pass through that 9th Circuit, again.

There is truly only one way to settle this nonsense once and for all. The Pledge of Allegiance as it stands right now must be engraved in a Constitutional Ammendment. This will forever protect it from the outrageous nonsense of justices that seek to put their own stamp of interpretation upon that venerable document.

The founders of this nation, in the Declaration of Independence, made clear the place of God in our society. God is mentioned three separate times in that document - the foundation upon which our Constititution and our society is formed:
"...the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them..."
"...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."
"...appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions..."

It was never the intention of the founding fathers to banish God from this nation. Rather, belief in God was at the foundation of our society. That they saw the wisdom to include provisions to protect the freedom of those who choose not to believe does not and must not overwhelm our core Judeo-Christian heritage. The United States is at its core a Christian society. I pray to God it will so always be.


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Alan Fraser said...

The premise that the Founding Fathers were exclusively God-fearing men is simply not true. It was Thomas Jefferson who said that he saw no redeeming features in religion. But that's irrelevant. The Founding Fathers did not insert the phrase " on nation under God" as it wasn't even part of the pledge until the 50's. Insertion of that phrase runs counter to their original position rather than in support of it.

It is not my purpose to be incendiary even though positions on this matter are often taken that way. I absolutely believe in freedom of religion and I absolutely believe in the separation of church and state. I further believe that these were the designs of the Founding Fathers and they are being violated in the Pledge as it now stands. I therefore support the California ruling.