Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Muslim Doctors Involved in UK Terror

There are now 8 suspected terrorists in custody in connection with last week's bumbled terror attempts in London and Glasgow. Of the eight, seven are doctors or medical students and the other is a lab technician. Several were recruited by al Qaeda while they were in the Middle East. The number of medical professionals involved in terror attacks may come as a surprise to most Americans, however history has shown that it's much more common than one might think. In fact, doctors have often gravitated to the top of terror cells, presumably because their level of education raises them into a leadership role. (CNN: Militant: 'Those who cure you will kill you'.)

What is hard to fathom is why we continue to allow the enemy to enter our country and continue to allow them to attain high level jobs here. The same issue is true in the UK. It's blatantly obvious that the terrorist problem stems from the Middle East. We are at war with Radical Islam. Why, then, do we continue to allow people to enter this country from the Middle East? Would we have allowed people from Germany or Japan to come here during World War II and take high level jobs? Not likely, since our first course of action was to inter Japanese citizens for the duration of the war.

Today, however, we're too concerned about not offending the Muslims. We're too concerned that whatever we do would be considered "profiling". We're too concerned that it would not be politically correct to close our borders to anyone travelling here from nations that are involved with these terror cells. I don't buy it. We are at war, and likely will be for years to come. I'm not worried about offending people that think nothing of blowing themselves up in a crowd of innocent civilians. I'm not worried about who may be offended by profiling, and I've never really cared about political correctness. What I do care about is fighting this war that has been brought to our shores. So far, I've seen no indication that we're serious about it.

So here's the bottom line. Close the borders to anyone travelling from the Middle East. Close the borders to anyone of Middle Eastern descent. Immediately revoke travel visas or green cards to anyone that is already here that meets those same criteria. Implement meaningful profiling measures that identify people attempting to enter this country that match the profiles of those that commit acts of terror. By all means, let's get serious about fighting this war. In case we haven't noticed, our enemy certainly is.


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Silas Scarborough said...

It's interesting that political correctness has evolved into ultimate political stupidity due to deaths of people who fall victim to it.

My criminology comes from "Silence of the Lambs" but it appears to be more or less accurate that the FBI profiles an unknown killer and then looks for anyone who matches that profile. That approach is not permitted in the current context.

Sanity is not expected in resolution of this problem any time soon.