Monday, February 13, 2006

Europe Losing Last Crusade

Make no mistake about it, the Crusades are alive and well in Europe. Unfortunately, Europe is losing. (Yahoo News: ISLAMIC RADICALS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WESTERN LIBERALISM). While it may be politically correct to state that the west is at war with radical Islam, that is in fact the reality. Or, more accurately, radical Islam is at war with the west. For some reason, the west appears reluctant to take up the fight.

The nonsensical violence over a handful of cartoons in a Danish newspaper are only the latest skirmish. That the violence was incited by the political leaders of the 57 Muslim nations should serve as a wake-up call, but that scarcely caught anyone's attention and drew little interest when the story broke late last week. I don't seem to recall any cars being torched when an art gallery in New York depicted a crucifix and images of the Virgin Mary covered in urine and feces, however. Perhaps that's the difference between living in the 21st century and living in the 7th century.

The trend of appeasement in Europe is most distressing. Consider these examples:
  • A British judge barred Jews and Hindus from the jury when trying an accused Muslim.

  • The Dutch Language Institute now demands that the word "Christ" be written with a lower case "c". Apparently, the proper noun is offensive to Muslims.

  • A government office banned Winnie the Pooh, piggy banks, and other images of pigs so Muslims wouldn't have to see them.

  • In demonstrations last week, British police ignored protesters with signs reading "Exterminate those who mock Islam" and "Be prepared for the real holocaust," yet they arrested two counter protesters for carrying signs with images of Muhammad.
Of course, Europe has a long history of appeasement, despite an equally long history that shows appeasement never works. Make no mistake about it, Muslim extremists smell blood and are pressing the attack. The US lead War on Terror, all political correctness aside, is a Holy War. It's high time the rest of the world woke up and realized that we are all under attack. This war has been waging since the 7th century, yet only one side appears to be fighting in earnest. Wake up, folks. Losing this war is not an option I'd care to consider.


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Alan Fraser said...

They've banned Winnie the Pooh now? OK, I'm in. Where do I pick up my gun?